Thursday, October 16, 2014

october sixteenth

Hi. yeah.... hi.

So its........ October! How is everyone's october coming along? good? yeah? let's hope so. If its not, dont worry, tomorrow will always be a better day. ;)

I have no idea what to blog about so how about some pictures from whats left of my previous Icloud :)
I miss my nong nong hair :(
 Love this woman ♡
 The other day when I had some alone time I had my favorite TCC aglio oliooooo~
 & my cousin got my dream carrrrrr :(
 kittiessssss ♡ ♡ ♡
 My favorite colleagues from intern♡
 Roxanne and Roseanne hahahahahaha sorry im so lame
 Phuket with the Tiramisu Hero Crew~~
 Here's our villa btw. ITS A M A Z I N G.

 HAHAHA dont ask me why. it was fun.

HAHAHAH captain's ball with stockings. I cant even...
 haha my cute little wisdom tooth.
Common Man Coffee Roasters!! YUM YUM YUM. looking at this now is making me so hungry. Prolly one of the best churros I've tasted. (other than churrosity-aka my fav)
 Sunday Folks :)
sooooo yummmy okay goodnight.

ohoh! check out my Japan Day 1 video ;)


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

nothing much

Hi. So initially I had so many plans to be making videos and stuff. Unfortunately, my laptop failed on me. Hardware disk failure or whatever and everything's pretty much gone. Pictures, videos, everything. I'm not too sure if i am totally sad about it. But I guess everything happened for a reason and I guess these things were meant to be erased yknow? What sucks is that my old itunes playlist is gone and I am so short of time to be filling it up. I feel like.. I've lost track of my life. All I do is work, dance and sleep. Human interaction feels very unnecessary these days. It feels like I'm not meant to be here and I'm just born way too late. Its weird. I dont know how to cope and I'm not too sure what to do about anything. There are good days and there are bad.. nothing dramatic (thank god). Life's been pretty exhausting. & I feel absolutely hideous looking. I've gained some weight after my internship and I get sad sometimes about it. I have no mood to answer any questions on my askfm so please pardon me.

On a side note, I extracted two wisdom tooth this morning and I think I almost had an anxiety attack when I looked down and saw a glimpse of the needle. So ironic, supposedly anaesthetic makes you feel nothing but the hugeass needle makes you feel the most. Well at least its almost over. Another two to go. hooray(not)

AND!! I've been watching Orange is the New Black. Totally addicted to it. I cant stop and my body clock is messed up. alright back to it. Have a great week ahead if anyone still reads this.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Hair extensions/eyelid stickers/eyebrow embroidery

Everything you guys have been asking over again and again. now that its in this video I assume that problem is solved. yay!
Really hope I've helped you guys out a little here. 

Have a good weekend ahead everyone.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Sun time Fun time

Hi guys! another weekend is here and therefore another vlog! hehe. this time I went to the beach with my friend Natalie! I first met her when I was working at Awfully Chocolate and we've been hanging out once in a while ever since with the other AC girls :)

So after postponing our meet-ups so many times, we've finally decided that we HAD TO make it happen by hook or by crook. We started googling on cafes to visit and settled for Kith's at Sentosa Cove since the beach was just there. 

So Brunch!!
We ordered
 Blackstone Eggs for Nat-good but pretty simple to do on your own so its not rly worth the price.
 Truffle Fries-have had better ones. a little too soggy :/ & extra truffle oil is additional $4 :(
Salmon & Eggs for me-perfect. I loved every single bit of it. avocado mayo was so good. I actually likes the baked beans for once. and the bread....oh the bread..... I needed to take it home w me cuz I couldnt finish it and I couldnt bare to throw it away.
 Sunlight is the best lighting any girl can have so CAMWHORE!!
Beach babe being all cute and stuff

& here's a short vlog to sum up this post! :) hehe enjoy~